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We're connected to you at Mayfield Scion. Whether you like to tweet the day away on Twitter, connect with friends on Facebook or watch videos on Youtube - we have of a way of you easily getting in touch with your favourite Edmonton Scion dealership today! Click on the icon below to connect now!

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The Way of the Scion

A different car. A different selling experience. That is what Scion is all about - it's the car that says a lot about you. You are cool. You are hip. You are that little bit different. And that's why we here at Mayfield Scion are here to make your purchase as easy and painless as possible.

You want a unique car, but you don't want unique problems. That is where Scion comes in - a truly unique set of vehicles but with Toyota's reliability. Come and see us today, or call, email, facebook, tweet or whatever you like!

Customize Your Scion

Unique Wheels, Make if Colourful and more

The possibilities are endless with the Scion brand - many people have expressed themselves with their vehicles by adding vinyl graphics, custom wheels, interior accessories and even full paint jobs. Now you can too!
Customize your Scion
Accessorize and Customize...

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